The Skin Team

The Skin Team brings together the work of two artists, Rhiannon Dionysius and Peter Kozak, and considers the juxtaposition and underlying links – or lack there of – in their works.

Dionysius is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in sculpture, and Kozak’s current practice focuses on video and installation. This collaboration was founded through notions of the body in art, mind/body dualism, vulnerability, and experience. The work of these two artists explores the relation between flesh, vision and thought. The works do not seek to represent the world. Their purpose is to render sensations upon the audience that are symptomatic of being-in-the-world, (the translation given to Heidegger’s Dasein.) The images and sculptures in this exhibition give expression to sensations that are ordinarily inhibited from our perception. The Skin Team invites the audience to experience the sensations that Dionysius and Kozak employ in rendering the sensations of relations between self and other(s) and self and world(s). Essay by Ashleigh Ralph, Jacob Warren and Graham Auchterlonie: The Skin Team

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